Fall is Here – 7 Doctors, 7 Steps

Welcome to Off the Clock, where we ask bariatric experts a question about their own lives. No one has any single, easy answer to losing weight, and nothing you read here will be earth-shattering. But simple, single choices can add up and make a difference and you may find a few that you’d like to try, from doctors who fight obesity every day.

Today we ask: “What is one healthy step you’re taking this fall?”

“My wife received a Vitamix for her birthday, so we have decided to try the 2-week liquid diet that our patients undergo before bariatric surgery. We thought it would not only be a fun way to use her new “toy”, but also help us lose some weight and help me better understand what our patients go through.”
Dr. David Voellinger, North Carolina

“We’re trying hard not to pick up take-out food during the week. It’s just bad calories and honestly doesn’t save that much time. It’s easy for take-out food to become a habit, so ‘banning’ it during the week is a good step for us.”
Dr. Matthew Brengman, Virginia

“Having had knee surgery this year and carrying an extra few pounds like most people, I have made a goal to get into shape for another elk hunt. With a specific goal and a demanding mountain hunt ahead of me, it will help me keep my attention on the task.”
Dr. Toby Broussard, Oklahoma

“We are trying to cook more at home and to have family dinner several times a week because it’s been shown that it helps with kids and their moods. It also provides an opportunity to find out what went on during the day. I also am strict about sticking to the set bedtimes for my kids. Sleep is so important for all of us – the best way to start the day is with a good night of sleep.”
Dr. Marina Kurian, New York

“It’s a good time of the year for us to remember that treats are great, but on occasion only. One way we do this is that the kids are allowed to have chocolate milk with their school lunches, but only on Fridays.
Dr. Emma Patterson, Oregon

“I’m looking forward to more scheduled family dinners where we can share events from our day and keep lines of communication open.”
Dr. Val Andrei, New Jersey

“This year my emphasis is on using science to stay healthy.  The Digifit App on my phone is a remarkably useful and scientifically validated method of tailoring your heart rate during exercise to different aerobic goals.  Exercising, using your iPhone, specifically to heart rate goals is a new goal that enables a new and physiologic end point.  It gives a new emphasis to exercising smarter rather than harder!  I’m excited!”
Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul, California

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by Emma Squillace