Doctors of Weight Loss Announces Partnership with Expert Leaders, Pioneers and Innovators of Bariatric Surgery

Doctors of Weight Loss has launched an informational website featuring nationally and internationally recognized experts in bariatric surgery.

May 10, 2011

The top bariatric surgeons from around the country have teamed up with Emma Squillace and Dr. Emma Patterson, co-founders of Doctors of Weight Loss, to provide one of the best available resources for individuals who want to understand the latest research, news, and options for weight loss surgery.

“The popularity of bariatric surgery has increased exponentially. As more individuals choose this option for weight loss, we noticed a lack of quality resources available for people trying to find important information about obesity and bariatric surgery. We created and brought together top professionals to give people an opportunity to get the latest news about weight loss, and information on where they can go to find preeminent bariatric surgeons,” says Dr. Patterson.

These leading bariatric surgeons, the Doctors of Weight Loss Inaugural Experts, were personally invited based on their high level of experience, demonstrated leadership, research and publishing, and outstanding commitment to patient success. They will provide explanation and commentary on the latest news in obesity research and bariatric surgery.

“We are very excited to participate in this effort to help educate individuals about bariatric surgery,” says one of the nation’s leading bariatric surgeons, Dr. Christine Ren Fielding. “By working with Doctors of Weight Loss, we hope to help empower patients with access to valuable information.”

Doctors of Weight Loss Inaugural Experts are Drs: Layton Alldredge, Sunil Bhoyrul, Helmuth Billy, Matthew Brengman, James Burhop, Stephen Burpee, Manfred Chiang, Patrick Chiasson, Alana Chock, Daniel Cottam, Scott Cunneen, Robert Cywes, Daniel Davis, David Engstrand, George Fielding, Mark Fusco, Mohamed Gazayerli, Barry Greene, RoseMarie Jones, Gregg Jossart, Ronnie Keith, Marina Kurian, Robert Michaelson, Mona Misra, Kevin Montgomery, Emma Patterson, Eric Pinnar, Jaime Ponce, David Provost, Brian Quebbemann, Christine Ren Fielding, Gregory Schroder, Vafa Shayani, Adam Smith, Robert Snow, and Albert Wetter.

About Doctors of Weight Loss
Co-founded by Emma Squillace and Dr. Emma Patterson, is a resource for people who want to educate themselves about obesity and weight loss surgery. Doctors of Weight Loss brings together the top bariatric surgeons in the country to provide information for patients, family members, and healthcare professionals.

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