ASMBS Statement Gastric Plication

imbricationOn October 6, 2011, the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) issued a policy statement about Gastric Plication – a new surgical weight loss procedure. ASMBS is the largest association in the world for metabolic and bariatric surgery, and is looked to for guidance and recommendations when new procedures begin to emerge.

The statement says “The gastric plication does not involve gastric resection, intestinal bypass, or placement of a foreign body, and this could potentially provide a lower risk alternative that will appeal to patients and referring physicians.” However, ASMBS also cautions that “the quantity of the data available at this time is insufficient to draw any definitive conclusions
regarding the safety and efficacy of this procedure.”

Points of the ASMBS statement on gastric plication include:
1. the procedure is investigational
2. reporting of short and long term efficacy and safety outcomes is highly encouraged
3. their recommendations apply to both gastric plication as a stand-alone procedure, as well as ‘banded plication’ which is a combination of an adjustable gastric band with a plication.

At the time the ASMBS statement was published, there was data from 4 studies, covering fewer than 300 cases, to review. As more studies are done, and more data is collected, ASMBS will continue to monitor the procedure and outcomes.

ASMBS’ full statement can be read here.