ASMBS 2012 Top Papers: Sleeve vs Bypass

Today in San Diego, CA, the 29th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery kicked off its plenary sessions. After ASMBS President Dr. Robin Blackstone launched the session with an opening address, the top 8 papers as selected by the ASMBS were presented. One paper addressed post-operated weight loss from gastric bypass vs sleeve gastrectomy, in a military institution. The patients were 485 military personnel, retirees, and family members. Approximately half the patients underwent each of the two procedures, and the demographics of the groups were comparable. The results found that although the bypass produce greater weight loss in the first year, that in years 2 – 5 there was no statistical difference in the weight loss. The study authors concluded that sleeve shows similar efficacy and durability to gastric bypass, and should be considered a definitive weight loss procedure. They also predict that sleeve gastrectomy will become the most common weight loss operation; it’s technically less challenging than the gastric bypass, cost effective, and has strong positive results and potential metabolic benefits. However, a complete analysis of the sleeve gastrectomy would need to include data on complications and safety.

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