Carnie Wilson, Lap Band Surgery

Carnie Wilson has had Lap Band surgery, to lose the weight she regained after her gastric bypass in 1999. The Lap Band is the most popular type of adjustable gastric band, and is placed around the top of the stomach. It creates a small pouch which helps you feel fuller on a much smaller amount of food. Lap Band patients generally feel less hungry, and the band does not interfere with the digestive process. “Band over bypass” is a phrase which refers to using a lap band being placed in a patient who has previously had a gastric bypass procedure – like in the case of Carnie Wilson – to help the patient re-lose their weight.

Dr. Helmuth Billy, a Doctors of Weight Loss expert, was Carnie Wilson’s lap band surgeon. His practice, Ventura Advanced Surgical Associates, is in California where performs a variety of bariatric surgeries, including the Lap Band. Dr. Billy was one of the first surgeons in the US to be trained on and perform the Lap Band procedure. Since her surgery on January 18, 2012, Wilson has lost 30 pounds. She told People Magazine, “It was the right decision for me and I’m doing really well so far…It’s all about taking good care of myself.”

Because the lap band is adjustable, follow up is a critical component of its success. Patients see their surgeon or staff every 4 – 6 weeks for the year following surgery, and continue visits on an ongoing basis. The visits are important because the band can have fluid added to it or taken out, optimizing the patients’ weight loss. You can learn more about the Lap Band here.

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