6 Week Healthy Office Challenge

Led by Dr. Adam Smith, the staff at Fort Worth Lap Band decided to create a 6 Week Healthy Living Challenge for themselves. Staff members were grouped into teams and encouraged to make healthy lifestyle changes. They kept logs of their weekly exercise and participated in weekly confidential weigh-ins. Beginning and ending measurements of waist and hips, as well as a beginning and ending fat analysis were also recorded.


Why They Did It:
They undertook the challenge to encourage the office as a group to ditch their unhealthy habits and to “walk the walk, not just talk the talk,” Michele of Fort Worth Lap Band told us. They felt that by working in groups, individuals could overcome some of those habits and find success through supporting each other, in an environment of fun competition against other teams at the practice.

Dr. Adam Smith has a very personal connection to weight loss, since in addition to his commitment to helping his patients lose weight, he is a Lap Band patient himself. He told us, “I was excited to participate in our office challenge because I had become complacent and was totally depending on my lap band to do all the work for me.”


The Contest:
The staff of Fort Worth Lap Band were split into teams. Team members earned a specific number of points based on their percentage of weight loss, inches lost, amount of weekly exercise, and decreasing body fat percentage. The team awarded the most points at the end of the six weeks won a special prize.

To keep motivation high, a “surprise” prize was awarded each week based on a variety of challenges. One week the prize may be for Most Exercise, one week for Most Pounds Lost, and one week for Most Inches Lost. The staff did not know what the secret challenge was in advance, so they were motivated to stay consistent in all areas of improvement.


What Worked Well:
The team aspect worked well, as team members could all support each other in individual goals instead of tackling them on their own. Everything is easier to do with a support group and having people there to hold you accountable for the things that you want to change. The team says the prize at the end was also a great motivator! Dr Smith added, “I am extremely proud of my staff and hope we will continue to set a good example for our patients and each other. I particularly grateful to Meaghan (the practice’s dietitian) who held me accountable without invoking the shame response.”


What They’d Do Differently:
Dietitian Meaghan told us the team members were re-measured at the midway point, which seemed to discourage some participants when the results weren’t as good as they expected.  Next time they’d think about only taking measurements in the beginning and conclusion of the challenge. Additionally, Meaghan said, weigh-in days might be moved from Monday to Fridays, so staff would not be weighing in just after the weekend.


End Results:
Collectively, the Fort Worth Lap Band team lost 335 pounds in their 6 week challenge! In addition, it was a great team-building effort for the office and many employees asked for it to be continued so they might be able to reach their next goal.

Dr Smith said, “By accepting the Healthy Living challenge, getting back to a band-appropriate diet and adding 30 minutes of cardio each morning Monday through Friday, I lost a few pounds but more importantly lost inches and gained stamina. As an additional bonus, I’ve found that my sleep quality has improved.”


What to try what Fort Worth Lap Band did?

Thanks to Fort Worth Lap Band for sharing their challenge with us! We’ve provided a modified version of their rules and program, which you can customize any way you’d like for your own office. Click here