Robert Snow, DO, FACOS

LoneStar Lap-Bands

Dr. Robert Snow is a pioneer in bariatric surgery and was one of the first surgeons trained in the LAP-BAND system in 2001. He has successfully established four LAP-BAND programs and works toward furthering the success of LAP-BAND patients around the world. He is particularly interested in resident education, and as a Clinical Professor of Surgery he has trained hundreds of residents in advanced bariatric procedures.
dr robert snow
As one of the nation’s pioneers in bariatric surgery, Dr. Bob Snow attended one of the first LAP-BAND courses available to surgeons in the United States in 2001. Since then, he has pioneered 4 different LAP-BAND programs and specializes in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery techniques.

Successful Leader
In addition to starting several LAP-BAND programs, Dr. Snow has held numerous leadership positions, including Vice Chairman of the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery, Chief of Staff at Dallas/Fort Worth Medical Center and Clinical Instructor of the Ethicon Endosurgical Division for Johnson and Johnson.

Well Published
Dr. Snow has published several studies in peer reviewed journals. His most recent paper was titled “EndoFlip Use and Successful LapBand Patient Outcomes”, a technology that he has championed. Dr. Snow has publications on clinical outcomes of gastric banding, in addition to other areas of laparoscopic surgery including anti-reflux surgery and cholecystectomy. He has also published several books on diving photography.

Nationally Recognized
Dr. Robert Snow is nationally recognized by his peers as a leader in weight loss surgery, and a very early adopter of the Lap-Band. With a special interest in resident education, Dr. Snow has helped train bariatric surgeons around the world.

Highly Experienced
Dr. Bob Snow has over twenty years experience as a surgeon, and an extensive experience in bariatrics, performing hundreds of procedures each year. He is currently a proctor and expert lecturer for Allergan, and trains other surgeons on the surgical technique of inserting the LAP-BAND, and how to build a gastric banding bariatric program.

Professionally Connected
Dr. Snow is affiliated with several professional organizations and societies, including the American Osteopathic Association, American Medical Association, American College of Osteopathic Surgeons, Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons, Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons and the Texas Medical Association.

Award Winning
Dr. Snow has been recognized as Trainer of the Year at Dallas/Fort Worth Medical Center. Additionally, he has been honored with a Certificate of Merit from the Golden Gloves Association.

You can contact Dr. Snow at LoneStar Lap-Bands or by calling 800-716-1707.