Dr. Tom Lavin & POSE Featured in Glamour Magazine

Dr Thomas LavinNew Orleans-based bariatric surgeon and Doctors of Weight Loss expert, Dr. Tom Lavin, was featured in an article in Glamour magazine about the new incision-less weight loss procedure, POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery, Endoluminal). The procedure decreases stomach size and aims to reduce cravings, all without the incisions or considerable dietary changes that more traditional bariatric surgery procedures require. Tom Lavin, MD, is one of the pioneers of POSE, along with his partner at the Surgical Specialists of Louisiana, Michael Thomas, MD.

Prime candidates for POSE are 25 to 75 pounds overweight. POSE is less extreme than gastric bypass, but it does require general anesthesia.  During the procedure, a surgeon inserts an endoscope through the mouth to reach the stomach, then folds the stomach lining over and closes it with anchor stitches. Dr. Lavin has performed over 100 POSE procedures to-date and his patients have lost an average of 23 pounds. “Just four of the 90 patients I have treated have suffered mild complications, and 80 percent are satisfied”, says Dr. Lavin in the article. “Those who aren’t say they don’t notice a big difference in hunger or cravings, or that they notice, but it goes away quickly,” he concluded.

POSE is still relatively new and while it is incision-less, it is still invasive, using anchors (extra-strong stitches) through the wall of the stomach. Further research will be needed to prove its effectiveness and safety. You can learn more about the procedure by visiting poseinfo.com or registering to attend a free educational seminar with the Surgical Specialists of Louisiana.

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