Doctors of Weight Loss Expert Runs Unique Contest

Dr. Mark Fusco, expert bariatric surgeon in Florida and inaugural expert for Doctors of Weight Loss, is sponsoring a patient’s participation in BubbaFest 2011, a week-long bike tour. Dr. Fusco and the other Doctors of Weight Loss surgeons are committed to finding innovative, diverse ways to inspire and help their patients. Dr. Fusco leads his practice, LifeShape Advanced Bariatric Center of Florida, in helping people lose weight and reach lifestyle goals.

BubbaFest 2011 is a unique vacation bike tour which takes participants on a flat land tour of the Florida Keys, at an average of 50 miles/day. It also gives participants the chance to snorkel, go deep sea fishing, dive, and swim with dolphins. Dr. Fusco held a contest looking for a patient that would blog from the bike tour. LifeShape Lap-Band patient Lori R won the contest and is currently blogging from the event with Kathy Blair. Kathy is also a LifeShape Lap-Band patient, as well as Lifeshape’s patient insurance advocate. Both women have lost 85 pounds since their surgeries.

“Fully one half of the equation that leads to calorie deficit, and therefore weight loss, is activity”, says Dr. Fusco. “There is also evidence that activity level may be even more important to the long term maintenance of weight loss than even diet. Based on this, we have always emphasized the need for activity as a key component of the significant lifestyle changes needed after weight loss surgery.”

Fun events like a bike-a-thon are great motivators for seeing how far you’ve progressed towards your goals. Although some patients are experienced exercisers, others are not, and often there are significant barriers to novice exercisers accessing the more traditional gym setting. “We built the LifeShape Fitness center which allows our team of dedicated personal trainers to work with our bariatric patients on a one on one basis in a more private, supportive environment,” Dr. Fusco added. “We also try to introduce our patients to a wide variety of different activity options with group classes including boot-camp, kick boxing, and yoga, as well as a walking group that participates in monthly races.”

The sponsorship of Lori at Bubbafest is a continuation of this dedication to the importance of fitness. Dr. Fusco added, “We are happy to sponsor Lori on this adventure through the beautiful Florida Keys. We hope that people will enjoy reading about her exploits on our blog, and she can inspire others to take the steps needed to live a healthier more enjoyable lifestyle.”

About LifeShape
LifeShape is a multidisciplinary comprehensive weight loss program that offers our clients a full spectrum of weight loss options. Lifeshape’s mission is to improve the health of patients by helping them reduce their weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. For those patients who opt for surgical treatment, Lifeshape’s goal is to perform adjustable gastric band surgery with the highest degree of safety possible, and to maximize weight loss results with comprehensive long term multidisciplinary weight loss program.

About Doctors of Weight Loss
Co-founded by Emma Squillace and Dr. Emma Patterson, is a resource for people who want to educate themselves about obesity and weight loss surgery. Doctors of Weight Loss brings together the top bariatric surgeons in the country to provide information for patients, family members, and healthcare professionals.

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