Dr. Mark A. Fusco, First Surgeon in Florida to Use EndoFLIP® in Gastric Band Surgery

Melbourne, FL, July 27, 2011
 – Dr. Mark A. Fusco, founder of LifeShape Advanced Bariatric Center of Florida, is among the first surgeons in the United States to train to use the EndoFLIP® system, and is the first surgeon in Florida to purchase and use the innovative device for his patients. The EndoFLIP® is used by Dr. Fusco both in the Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric band surgery, and in a new weight loss procedure known as gastric plication. Dr. Fusco is also among the first surgeons in Florida to have performed gastric plication.

“With the EndoFLIP® device we can accurately tighten the band at the time of the patients surgery potentially improving the patients early weight loss. I am very excited to use this device to assist my patients in maximizing the success of their weight loss surgery,” stated Dr. Fusco.

Dr. Fusco has performed over 800 gastric band surgeries and is considered a leader in the field of weight loss surgery. In adjustable gastric banding, a band is placed around the upper stomach, narrowing the passageway through which food passes and limiting the amount a person can consume. This band, which is adjustable, when tightened to the correct size, decreases hunger and allows patients to comfortably eat less. The process of adjusting the band, in the past, has been to slowly increase the tightness of the band over weeks. The gastric plication procedure involves folding the stomach in on itself creating a pleat in the stomach to decrease the size of the stomach thereby assisting in decreasing food volume. “The EndoFlip is critical in confirming that the internal diameter of the stomach is small enough for weight loss, yet not too small to allow for comfortable eating,” added Dr. Fusco.

The EndoFLIP® Device received FDA Approval for U.S. market release in 2010.

As Founder of LifeShape Advanced Bariatric Center of Florida located in Melbourne, Dr. Mark A. Fusco specializes in Laparoscopic Gastric Band surgery. LifeShape Advanced Bariatric Center of Florida is a full service multidisciplinary weight loss center offering physician supervised medical weight loss programs, personalized fitness training in private state-of-the-art gym, and surgical treatment. With a highly trained team of surgeons, internal medicine doctors, nurses, nutritionists, personal trainers, and psychologists, LifeShape is able to provide patients with a safe and effective weight-loss surgery, comprehensive pre- and post-operative education and ongoing aftercare. LifeShape is located at 1223 Gateway Drive, Suite 2B, Melbourne, FL 32901. 321-728-7553.

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