ASMBS 2011 Continued Coverage

asmbs presidential addressOn Wednesday afternoon, the ASMBS (American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery) 28th annual meeting featured concurrent sessions on metabolic surgery, co-morbid conditions of obesity and surgery videos. In addition, Dr. David Provost moderated a session on revisional procedures. The scientific sessions adjourned at 4:45, at which point the members attended the ASMBS Business Meeting, at which the results of the election were announced, most notably that the President-Elect is Dr. Jaime Ponce.

Thursday early morning sessions included presentations on basic science aspects of obesity, debates on revisional surgery, and videos of interesting cases. Dr. James Levine gave the basic science lecture on how increasing physical activity can help fight the obesity epidemic. A walk-and-play app for the iphone was discussed, and some fascinating research on NEAT (Non-Exercise Acitivity Thermogenesis), as well as many ways to incorporate more activity into our daily lives. Some of the most interesting ideas presented will be covered in follow-up posts.

The annual Edward E. Mason Lecture was presented by Dr. Michelle Mello, on the legal and policy approaches to the obesity epidemic. One fact highlighted was that obesity accounts for 27% of the rise in health care spending between 1987 and 2001.

Dr. Bruce Wolfe then gave the Presidential Address, and focused on what we can do about obesity discrimination. This represented Dr. Wolfe’s last day serving as ASMBS President, and his work was well-appreciated by the ASMBS members.


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